How is the 8 weeks program structured?

The 8 weeks program consists of 7 modules that can be seen as 7 individual programs. Each transforming a different area of your life. Besides the last module all other modules take one week to apply them in your life. 


 How long will I be able to access the program?

You can download, keep, and re-watch the program as often as desired. You can download the program to keep lifetime access.


How much time do I have to complete the program?

We generally recommend to go through each module within 1-2 weeks, but you have the full freedom to go through the program at your own pace.


Can I cancel and get a refund for the portion of the course that I haven't gone through?

We highly recommend that you work through the entire program because this is not a usual course. It is a life transformation that needs time and you should take your time to go through the entire program to get the best results.

We want to see you happy and we would never want to keep your money if you aren't satisfied. If you aren't satisfied you can reach us through our contact form.

If you have worked yourself through the entire program and you have gotten no results then we will of course refund your order.

Now, as you can see this is a very fair deal for both sides. You go through the 8 weeks transformation program and if it didn't help you - you can have your money back - no questions asked.


What are the requirements for this program?

There are no requirements.